Teeth Whitening

We know how much of a difference a brighter, whiter smile can make, and we want to help our clients reach their goals. Our in-chair teeth whitening treatment is designed to provide dramatic results in just one session.

Using only premium quality materials, our 6% Hydrogen peroxide solution works to lighten discolouration and restore your natural shade safely and effectively. On average, clients experience a five to fourteen shades lighter result from the comfort of the dentist’s chair! The best part? We offer tooth protection during this process so that you can leave with a white smile you feel confident about – without any concerns for lasting damage or sensitivity.

To ensure your perfect pearly whites remain top notch, we recommend a top up 6 weeks after a client’s first treatment and then maintenance every 4-6 months. This varies depending on the individual, as well their lifestyle and diet habits when it comes to taking care of teeth. For optimal results, we also offer our own home whitening/maintenance kit – which can help prevent your teeth from re-staining over time. With this kit in hand, you’ll be able to keep those sparkling results lasting longer than ever! So why wait? Get the gleaming smile you’ve always wanted with our safe and reliable whitening service today!



  • Instant results $249

    5-14 shades lighter in a single treatment.

  • Touch Up $99

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